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Online Museum of Shopping Lists

Exhibits 2
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Welcome to the Online Museum of Shopping Lists. Whether you are doing some sort of shopping-list oriented research, or are simply curious about what other people shop for, we hope you will find our exhibits useful.

Increasingly, we are told what we want to buy when we arrive at the supermarket, a phenomenon which seems to be out-competing the practice of writing out a list of groceries. It seems that they want us to walk in with no clear idea of what we want (and a big wad of cash), and simply buy anything that has Jamie Oliver's fish-lipped-gargoyle-like mug plastered across the packaging. The shopping list therefore represents a symbol of our vanishing individuality as we grow daily more uniform, passive and accepting.

Of course, you can easily discover what people have bought by reading their till-receipts, but the list which they have written before going out to the shops tells you about what they want and what they think they need. It might include various personal touches, maybe even revealing a little of the writer's personality.


What's  New

bulletEven more lists from the hugely productive trolley racks of Sheffield. Please send us your lists, with a note explaining where you found them, so we can present lists from more areas - Sep 13 2002
bulletCheck out Bill Keaggy's grocery lists from St. Louis Missouri - Aug 26 2002
bulletLoads more lists added, including one found in Liverpool last week - Aug 17 2002
bulletAnd still they come! More lists added - Aug 07 2002
bulletMost problems fixed, publishing today, I'll put a counter on the pages later - Jul 29 2002
bulletOne or two minor glitches need ironing out, a couple of missing jpg files etc. Should all be fixed in the next couple of days, when I get access to a scanner - Jul 24 2002

You can help

bulletEssentially, we are compiling a collection of shopping lists, hopefully from as many various sources as possible, such as the ones you sometimes find in your shopping basket or trolley.
bulletWe are also hoping to get images of historical grocery lists.
bulletPlease email scans of your found or personal shopping lists (with some indication of where you found it) to us at the address below. Our only stipulation is that they should be genuine shopping lists, not ones which you've just made up.
bulletAll addresses and phone numbers etc. will be blanked out from published images to prevent unwanted calls etc.
bulletSend your scanned shopping lists to:

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